Gaming Agency

Become a high quality game service provider and start selling your own game servers.


Staff will contact agent to submit the following after purchase for:


License – Official Identity

Community Owner

Identity – Passport

Become Powerful, Optimized and Secured Game Service Provider

No Additional License

Once the service is enabled, your Game Service Provider will be ready to start selling game servers and generate your own income.

Advanced Control Panel

Our agency game service panel support everything you need to manage your users servers.

Full Game Support

Our team will take care of all the support you need on your behalf to keep your users play time up and running.

Provider Features

User Management

  • Create Users
  • Create / Manage Users Roles
  • Track Users Activities
  • Update Users Profiles
  • Delete Users Profiles

Game Server Management

  • Create Game Servers
  • Manage Game Servers
  • Steam Workshop Access
  • Web Console
  • File Manager

Service Settings

  • Suspend, Unsuspend or Delete
  • Change Slots
  • Change Owner
  • Reinstall Service
  • Repair Service


Our Gaming Servers infrastructure is designed for low ping and high frame/tick rate and Its not designed for cloud storage or downloading purposes, in return we applied limited download speed rate policy to all our game servers in order to maintain latency/ping to the lowest as possible since high download rate effects latency immediatly which you will not be happy with so be patient once you apply server updates, plugins, mods or other downloads. Refer to Section D in our terms of service policy.


Game server users is the owner responsibility. POT reserve the right to suspend/terminate the service without further notice (None Refundable). Refer to section D. Game Server Rules in our Terms of Service Policy for more info.

Dell Power Edge Servers

Game Agency Plans

With Advanced Gaming Tweaks in Both Hardware and Software Level

Gigabyte Technology Servers

Game Agency Plans

With Advanced Gaming Tweaks in Both Hardware and Software Level

Data Center Connectivity

Every Milliseconds Counts

Test it your Self

Our gaming servers is highly optimized and configured for GCC and Middle East in term of ping/latency. Try the following Ping Test Tool and see it your self:

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