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Virtual Private Network

VPN Tunnel to secure and optimize your network traffic with static routing for ultra low latency and connection stability

VPN Features

Compatible Protocols

  • PPtP
  • L2TP PSK

Optimized Routing

Optimized route and one entry for each destination.


Encrypted data sent between two endpoints.

Dedicated IP

Fixed IP to each account to ensure that your service remains the same.

Synchronized Bandwidth

Additional stability by synchronizing bandwidth Upload / Download Rates.

Traffic Statistics

Monitoring traffic usage tool in the control panel for Download GB vs Upload GB.

Important Note:


We strongly recommend to test your ping using the following ping tool before you decide to buy the service.

Testing  your connection to our network to ensure that you get low latency (Ping) is essential. As if your latency is High, our VPN will be no longer benefit your usage in term of low latency.

VPN Plans

Gaming $20.00

4 Mb/s Speed Rate

55 GB/Month Traffic

Optimized for:

  • Online Game
  • Voice Chat App (Ex. Discord)

Professional $40.00

6 Mb/s Speed Rate

225 GB/Month Traffic

Optimized for:

  • General Usage
  • Full HD 1920X1080 Videos

Streaming $60.00

8 Mb/s Speed Rate

450 GB/Month Traffic

Optimized for:

  • General Usage
  • Streaming 1080p 30fps (Ex. Twitch)

Service Dashbaord

Available options in the panel:

  • Change the VPN password
  • VPN connection status
  • Traffic balance
  • Traffic statistics
  • Traffic added history

Setup Guide

No third party or app needed to use our vpn. Our supported vpn protocols are compatible with mostley all modern devices as each PC , Tab and Mobiles today has its own built in VPN configuration system which is reliable and stable. Our vpn setup guide explains how to use our vpn for the following devices:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Android Devices
  • IOS Devices

Instructions could be found in our Knowledgebase