Virtual Private Servers

High Performance VPS connected to responsive network which would give you the feeling as your hosting with your local network.


Instant Setup

Low Latency Network

1 Day Refund Policy

Important Note

Dos / DDos / IP Stresser and Other

The VPS applications provided to the cloud is the owner responsibility.  POT reserve the right to suspend/terminate the service without further notice (None Refundable) if the VPS doesnt comply with Section F in our Terms of Service Policy Rules.

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Control Panel Features

Instant automated setup within seconds and preconfigured ready internet access.

Stop, start, monitor your Virtual Private Server. Remote Desktop or Console Access.

Host game, a seedbox, web, Teamspeak3 server, or all in the same time in the same machine.

Dedicated Resources and high performance CPU, RAMS and SSD`s.

Switch the OS any time to any of our supported OS by reinstalling the server.

HTML5 console. You dont need Java or a software to connect, all from the browser.

Hardware Specification


Dell Power Edge


x2 Intel Xeon 2.70 GHz


DDR 12800L EEC Memory


Samsung Solid State Drive

Fiber Optics

Solid Connection


Optimized Low Latency Links

Supported Operating Systems


Windows Server 2022 – Datacenter

Windows Server 2019 – Datacenter


Ubuntu Server 22.x

Balanced Internet Speed

Our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is designed for online projects, busniess, gaming and/or other offical online activities AND its NOT for the use of Cloud Storage so internet speed rate balancer applies in order to maintain your server and our infrastructure effectivly. If you intend to use our VPS Service for other purposes than what is mentioned previoulsy then this service is NOT meant to be for you as we have the right to terminate your VPS if it doesnt comply with our Terms of Use Policy Section F – VPS Rules.



Not Recommended
for Windows

2 CPU Cores

25 GB Storage

1 Snapshot

2 GB Memory

500 GB Bandwidth

1 Dedicated IPv4


Per Month


4 CPU Cores

50 GB Storage

2 Snapshot

4 GB Memory

1 TB Bandwidth

1 Dedicated IPv4


Per Month

Small Business

4 CPU Cores

50 GB Storage

2 Snapshot

8 GB Memory

1 TB Bandwidth

1 Dedicated IPv4


Per Month


8 CPU Cores

100 GB Storage

4 Snapshot

16 GB Memory

2 TB Bandwidth

1 Dedicated IPv4


Per Month

Fully Customized

On Selection

On Selection

On Selection

On Selection

On Selection

1 Dedicated IPv4



Get full control of your Virtual Server. See live how much resources your using. Reboot your VPS with one click and even get an email when its been completed. Change your password, Reinstall OS, access the html console for remote view and much more.


  • Start / Stop / Soft Reboot / Hard Reboot
  • Operating System Switcher
  • Access Console
  • Remote Desktop
  • Manage Snapshots
  • View Stats

RDP / SSH Access

Due to the RDP Criteria of hacks/attacks such as brutforce attacks, we have applied a limited RDP / SSH Access level to certain countries and / or ISPs. If you bought a VPS from us and you noticed that the RDP / SSH is not connecting then your country might be within our deny list (Blacklist) in the firewall. Dont worry though, just submit a ticket (you must be logged in) to our networking department with the country your trying to access from and your Internet Service Provider name and we will allow it for you within very short time.


To Secure your VPS

  • Use strong passwords
  • Always update your system
  • Monitor your VPS logs
  • Set up firewall
  • Use SSL vertificated for everything
  • Ensure your malware-protection
  • Protection against brute-force attacks
  • Control user access
  • Keep calm and perform backups
  • Restart your system to clear caches

Every Milliseconds Counts

Our VPS servers is highly optimized and configured for GCC and Middle East in term of ping/latency. Try the following Ping Test Tool and see it your self: