Cloud Service Provider

Your Online Portal To The Future

Core Features

Unleash The Power Of The Cloud

Trained staff, high end systems and optimized connections is been combined to create superior network infrastructure and high class services for the end user.

Ultra Low Latency

Highly optimized network with efficient peers worldwide for the lowest latency the user would get.

Enterprise Servers

High End servers hardware for fast and reliable computing which would make your server fly in the cloud.

Redundant Network

If one of the links went down or failed for any reason, another link is stand to resume the traffic to prevent connection down time.

Next Generation

Next Generation Firewall support which is a network security intrusion system to detects and intrudes packets with unusual behaviors.

Cloud Office

Manage your daily office activity anytime from anywhere with ease using the cloud

  • Files Management
  • Contacts
  • Streaming
  • Office Files
  • Emails
  • Invoice Management
  • and tons of other features …



Game Servers

Flexible and powerful web panel features. Get “Total Control” over your game server:

  • Multiple servers, single login
  • FTP Access
  • Game monitoring
  • Sub users/admins
  • Startup command line builder
  • Update systems
  • Rcon Support
  • Advanced file manager
  • MySQL Manager
  • and Much More …

Cloud Servers

High End VPS connected to responsive network which gives you the feeling that the hosting is in your home


Get full control of your Virtual Server. See live how much resources your using. Reboot your VPS with one click and even get an email when its been completed. Change your password, Reinstall OS, access the html console for remote view and much more.


  • Start / Stop / Soft Reboot / Hard Reboot
  • Operating System Switcher
  • Access Console
  • Remote Desktop
  • Manage Snapshots
  • View Stats

Unlock Your Creative Ideas in your website

Build and manage multiple web sites from a single dashboard. Also, run updates, monitor performance and onboard new prospects, all from the one place.

  • Robust Site & Server Security
  • Expandable with Many Extensions
  • The Ultimate Tookit for WordPress Sites
  • Compatible Across All Platforms and Hyperscale Options
  • Complete Flexibility and Control

Enhance Your Connectivity with



VPN Tunnel to secure and optimize your network traffic with static routing for ultra low latency and connection stability

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Datacenter Coverage

Optimized Routes