Operation Center

Monitors internal and external traffic for maximum security

Infrastructure Core Features

Responsive Network

Fiber Optics based network among all of our infrastructure.


Effective Protection for Clean traffic link with detection and mitigation.

Enterprise Hardware

Our servers are highly optimized for responsive reliable computing and equipped in high end hardware.

Next-Generation Firewall

Our network support (NGFW) which is a network security device that provides capabilities beyond a traditional, stateful firewall.

Redundant Power Supply

Each server is equipped with dual power supply. If one fails, the other power supply starts running to keep the server powered up.

Backup Links

If one of the links went down or failed for any reason, another link in stand by starts the traffic operation.

Symmetrical Bandwidth

All of our infrastructure are connected to a network were upload is equal to download for best user experience.

Low Latency

We have connected our network to highly optimized peers for the lowest latency the user would get.


Correlate information against baseline traffic behavior, compare time periods and save data for later forensics.

High Class Network

Satisfying the end user is always our Top Priority which made us incomparable and elite in terms of Quality, variety of Services and cost effectiveness.


AS Info

Country of Origin:

AS Number: 50475

Protocols: IPv4 – IPv6

Regional Peers


IX Peers


Data Center Info

We have combined together the best people, the best systems and the best connections to create superior network infrastructure and high efficient services for the end user.

Key benefits and features:

  • Choice of Speed
  • Support Services
  • Stability
  • Direct Connectivity
  • Unlimited Opportunity