Next Generation VPN Protocols

Optimized network routing for ultra low latency and connection stability

VPN Features

Instant Setup

Low Latency Network

1 Day Refund Policy

Supported Protocol

Wireguard VPN

Optimized Routing

Static routes for one entry for each destination.


Key exchange between the client and server


13% – 75% better throughput than other VPNs

Synchronized Bandwidth

Synchronized Upload / Download bandwidth Rates.

Traffic Statistics

Monitoring traffic usage tool for Download GB vs Upload GB.

Protocol Features

Supported Platforms
Other Devices

Cryptographic Algorithms
Auto via:
Software / App

Tunnel File

Important Note:


We strongly recommend to test your ping using the following ping tool before you decide to buy the service.

Another good Approach is to use the 2-Days Trial Available on the “Free Trial” section in order to test the service ping /latency and its stability in real time before you make your decision.

Free Trial

Test it before you take it

Type: Free

Duration: 2 Days

Usage: One Time Per User


Testing  your connection to our network is mandatory to ensure that you get low latency (Ping). As if your latency to our network is High, our VPN will be no longer benefit your usage in term of low latency.

VPN Pricing

Wireguard VPN $9.69

  • 8 Mb/s Speed Rate
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Streaming HD Video/Audio
  • Optimized Internet Routes
  • Excellent Connection Stability

Service Dashboard

Available options in the panel:

  • Information
  • Traffic statistics


Setup / Configuration Guides

WireGuard or IPSec are available for many different platforms. This makes it easy to use VPN in almost any device, regardless of the operating system.

For VPN setup guide, please refer to our knowledgebase for step by step guide for:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS

Step by step guide is available in our Knowledgebase

Does high internet speed means good Latency (Ping) ?

The answer is NO, high download or upload has nothing to do with ping since speed relys on your internet subscription bandwidth using any or specified channels assigned by your ISP which in some cases meets your expectations and in other is not.

On the other hand, latency (ping) relys on the distance used by the packets which travels from your router to the server and the opposite which is assigned by your ISP specified channel.

Is keeping the VPN Activated all time is effecient ?

Even though its possible but We DO NOT recommend to keep the VPN activated all time since our VPN is designed for low latency (ping) and response time not speed such as download or upload so mostly your speed will be noticably effected when the VPN is Active.

Our recommendation is to switch the VPN On duirng usage only and once your done you switch it Off and resume your work as usual.