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Powerful streaming engine with impressive performance starting from Full 360P to 4K streaming.

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Main Features

Rest API

Fully Responsive


Encrypted Videos

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Billing Info

IP Detection


Language Detection


Multi Language

Live TV




Watch History

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Multi Upload

System Support


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AWS S3 & Cloud

Works for All

Enjoy watching your favourite movie from any device with blazing speed and quality with the engine quality switcher or you can keep it to auto



Stream your media via any

Bandwidth Spectrum

Responsive Design

Streaming will display equally well in everything from widescreen monitors to mobile phones. It’s an approach to web design and development that eliminates the distinction between the mobile-friendly version of your website and its desktop counterpart. With responsive design, they’re the same thing.

Its accomplished through CSS “media queries”. Think of media queries as a way to conditionally apply CSS rules. They tell the browser that it should ignore or apply certain rules depending on the user’s device.

All Features

  • Upload Video & Transcoding to multi resolution
  • Encrypted HLS video
  • Upload using External Link
  • Upload Subtitles
  • Upload Multi Movie
  • Upload Multi Series & Episodes
  • Support Live Tv (m3u8 & WebM)
  • Upload content to Local Server
  • Save Images with multi size in Local Server
  • Upload content to AWS S3
  • Sort Movie/Series (Multi Sort)
  • Search Movie/Series/Actors
  • Get Movie/Series of actors
  • Kids Section
  • Recently Watched
  • Cancel membership
  • Resume membership
  • Watch History
  • Cloudfront to get datas
  • Cloudfront Signed Cookies to protect video
  • Upload using TMDB API
  • TMBD Support 49 Language
  • Upload using Custom
  • Braintree payments (Support Paypal)
  • Disable Payment Gateway (Use the free mode)
  • Create users with period time from admin panel
  • Add watermark to video
  • Using JWplayer to play video
  • Change Season/Episode from player component
  • Auto play next movie/episode
  • Add movie/series to collection
  • Get Billings
  • Change Plan
  • IP/Location detecting
  • Delete Session
  • Multi Language
  • Change Profile/Security

Transcoding & Encryption

  • FFmpeg to transcode videos to multi resolution
  • Each segment is encrypted with its own key
  • Possibility to upload transcoding output to Local Server or AWS S3


Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Support to upload all content to S3 and get it with cloudfront for speed , caching and secure videos with signed cookies


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